Friday, November 11, 2005

Hannukah Just Got A Lot More Chilled Out

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Instead of just spinning dreidls during the Festival of Lights, one man hopes people will spin his CD of chilled out trance-hop Hannukah music.

Musician and producer Craig Taubman has just released a CD called The Hannukah Lounge, a compilation of Hannukah songs in a style he’s calling, “Instrumental Jew Age Music.”

Taubman agrees that some traditionalists might be opposed to him putting “I Have a Little Dreidl” to trance-hop, calling it “a very hip, edgy genre of music,” but says, “Give me a break. It’s a song! No one’s going to die.”

He says he doesn’t see the problem in redoing “a Hannukah song about potato pancakes” and hopes everyone will just chill out and give the CD of “chillout music” a chance.

He also hopes lounge hounds will visit his virtual Hannukah Lounge – available on his website next week – where you can click on a martini glass to get the recipe for a chocolate Hannukah-tini, spin a dreidl, feed a dog a latke, or get enlightening facts from a menorah, such as, “Never take a front row at a circumcision.”

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