Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Denis Leary’s Plan To Improve Golf: Fist Fights On The Course

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Comedian Denis Leary is a big golfing buff, but he’s convinced the pros need to make the game more interesting to casual viewers – by adding fist fights.

Leary tells the latest issue of Golf Magazine that pro golf is too “sedate” and thinks it would improve the game “...if Tiger Woods just hauled off and belted Phil Mickelson in the face and then they pulled each other’s shirts up over their heads and went at it. Very exciting!”

But Leary has other suggestions for improving the game.

For instance, he is against the idea of formal golf wear, figuring “clothes should be the last thing people are concerned about. They should be concerned about me not killing them with my drive.”

Also, Leary doesn’t think a golfer needs to have specialty gear like “gap wedges.” As he puts it, “It’s like hair loss – there are so many products for problems you’ll never fix.”

There is one thing about golf that Leary doesn’t want changed. In his words, “You can smoke anywhere you like.”

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