Monday, October 3, 2005

Psychic Detective Cracking Cases

STEEDSVILLE, N.Y. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – You might think psychics are all about crystal balls and flaky fortune telling, but one New York psychic says his work on the Court TV series Psychic Detectives proves otherwise.

Phil Jordan – who uses his abilities to help solve crimes on the show – says he’s known he was psychic since the age of sixteen when he dreamed his uncle had a heart attack and the next day “everything happened just the way I dreamed it.”

Today, he uses all his senses – literally ESP – to crack cases. For example, he says, “I may feel like I’m wet so I know a [missing] person is in water. One time I smelled bread and I knew someone’s body was behind a bakery.”

Sight is important too. In a past episode of Psychic Detectives, Jordan says out of 50 mugshots, he was able to pick out the two people who murdered a woman.

Despite his good reputation, Jordan says in many cases the police “will believe a search dog before they believe me. But once I get done with a case, they think differently.”

New episodes of Psychic Detectives start this Wednesday (Oct. 5).

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