Monday, September 12, 2005

TV Good For What Ails You

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – You may call the TV the “boob tube” but a New York author believes it’s a valuable coping tool depending on which shows you watch.

Beverly West is the coauthor of TVTherapy: The Television Guide To Life (Delta Trade), which details how different shows can be powerful psychological aids depending on your problem.

For instance, she says watching a poor schlub get fired on The Apprentice can be soothing to someone who has had a bad day at the office, while a cheesy Moment Of Truth movie on the Lifetime Channel about a cheerleader being stalked by a football coach can comfort a woman in a similar situation.

West says the cheesier the show, the better it is for therapy because, as she puts it, “Experiencing life in a stylized form helps us cope.”

Shows that are especially therapeutic include Desperate Housewives, which West says reminds people that there’s more than meets the eye in suburbia, and American Idol, which shows people having their dreams come true – even William Hung.

West even sees psychological merits in Anna Nicole Smith’s reality show but admits those “very special episodes” on sitcoms where the characters tackle serious issues aren’t as helpful as their creators might like.

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