Monday, September 5, 2005

September 11 Makes A Musical Impression On Impressionist

SKAGWAY, Alaska (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – September 11, 2001, has left its mark on Americans in many ways but it left a musical impression on one impressionist.

Fred Travalena says he was so moved by the tragedy that he wrote a song, “Pictures On The Wall,” about the event that he feels is a worthy tribute even four years after the fact.

Travalena wrote the song shortly after the World Trade Center attacks and says he was inspired by the pictures of lost New Yorkers that were posted at Penn Station.

Some of the lyrics to the ballad include, We yearn to get an answer/ For what happened on that day/ Hope has turned to heartache/ People have no words to say.

Travalena would be honored if it becomes an annual part of memorial services.

However, he also says the lyrics are universal, and hopes the loved ones of folks who have died in Hurricane Katrina or the Iraq War also find it gives them comfort.

“Pictures On The Wall” is available at

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