Thursday, July 14, 2005

TV Forensic Dr. Dissects Medical Crime Shows

WASHINGTON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The TV forensic doctor behind the Discovery Health Channel’s hit show Dr. G: Medical Examiner is carving up the competition.

Dr. Jan Garavaglia – or Dr. G as she’s called on the show – is a real-life crime scene investigator much like the ones on C.S.I.

But Discovery Health Channel executive Elieen O’Neil says Dr. G. smiles when people call the show a “real-life” C.S.I. because the doc knows how “vastly different” real-life forensics is from the TV version.

O’Neil says Dr. G. tells people “it doesn’t wrap up in an hour,” and it takes several characters on a show like C.S.I. to do what Dr. G. does all by herself.

Not to mention, real-life C.S.I. staffers don’t get results back from the lab that fast.

But the major difference between scripted shows and reality shows is while the characters may struggle to keep themselves from getting personally involved with the cases, Dr. G. enjoys personal relationships with the families of victims to help them get closure.

The season premiere of Dr. G: Medical Examiner airs tomorrow (Jul. 15).

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