Tuesday, July 5, 2005

The ‘Pope Of Peppers’ Sizzles Myths About Fiery Foods

SEATTLE (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A chile pepper expert who’s known as “The Pope of Peppers” is taking a flame to some of the most common myths about the fiery food.

Dave DeWitt, who has been researching and writing about savory sizzlers since 1974, says there’s no truth to the folk belief that eating hot peppers will help you cool off in a hot climate.

He says chiles will make you break out in some cooling perspiration, but no more than you’d normally sweat in hot weather.

Another common claim is that hot peppers can increase your circulation, but DeWitt says that has yet to be proven scientifically.

What we do know about peppers, he says, is they are full of vitamins, high in fiber and have no cholesterol, which are all great for your health.

And capsaicin, the compound that makes peppers hot, has been proven to relieve pain from ailments like arthritis.

DeWitt’s latest book is The Spicy Food Lover’s Bible (Stewart, Tabori and Chang).

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