Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hawaiian Aquarium Dwellers Get Their Freak On

ALAEA, Hawaii (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Watching coral copulate may not be as exciting as a Paris Hilton sex tape, but The Maui Ocean Center in Hawaii is expecting to draw visitors with that promise.

From July 4 to 10, folks will be able to witness live rice coral spawning during the 5th Annual Sex and the Sea Week.

During the week, kinky coral polyps will release bundles of eggs surrounded by sperm that will rise to the surface of the water, where they’ll mingle with other sperm and eggs for 20 to 60 minutes before they break apart and the sperm fertilizes the eggs.

After fertilization, the eggs become free-swimming larvae called planulae.

Aquarium spokesperson Liz Smith says the mating event looks like “champagne bubbling” and expects hundreds of gawkers to watch the perverted polyp display at various “viewing stations” around the park.

The cost for admission is $15-20 – or roughly the same price of an adult movie.

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