Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Make Untaxable Income By Panhandling Or Masturbating

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If the recent April 15 tax deadline has you wondering how you can make more money without giving it to Uncle Sam, you might want to consider panhandling or masturbating.

That’s the advice of Bill Wilson, author of Under The Table And Into Your Pocket (Loompanics), a guide to earning non-taxable money via the underground economy. He says practically everyone has a skill or product they can use to earn cash without giving it to the tax man.

For instance, a good panhandler can earn as much as $100 a day but it helps to be “young and good-looking” and “not mumble about Roswell.” Also, Wilson says panhandlers do better when located in the middle of a city block, not on the corners.

Donating semen to a sperm bank can provide a guy with $6000 a year in “seed money” – as long as he’s tall, blonde, blue-eyed and majoring in science – and plasma donors earn up to $200 a week.

Finally, Wilson says if you want to beat the IRS, become a dominatrix – a good one can whip out several hundred bucks in an average evening.

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