Monday, April 11, 2005

The Joys Of Organ Meat

PHILADELPHIA (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Most Americans won’t touch beef hearts, tripe or tongue with a 10-foot-pole, much less their tastebuds – but they’re really missing out on some good eatin’.

That’s according to Philadelphia chef Aliza Green, who has just compiled Field Guide to Meat, a compendium of animal edibles from alligator to zungenwurst.

She extols the joys of organ meats like beef heart, which she says has a lot of rich flavor, not much fat and the grainy texture of a beef shank.

Sweetbreads – which are the thymus glands of a lamb or cow – receive particularly high marks from Green because of their light, creamy texture and ability to take on the flavor of rich sauces.

And some organ meats have secondary benefits, like tripe – the lining of a cow’s stomach. Green says tripe stews like Mexican menudo have been used as hangover remedies for ages.

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