Wednesday, March 16, 2005

TV Reruns Enter A New Stage

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – TV reruns aren’t just for TV anymore: One Los Angeles stage company is bringing them to the theater.

Starting Friday (Mar. 18), the L.A.-based ACME Comedy Theatre will be starting a new weekly show, Reruns Redubbed, that brings a new voice to old shows like Dukes Of Hazzard and Lost In Space.

The show takes excerpts from the old reruns and then improv actors piece together new scripts by asking the audience for suggestions and dub in new voices.

Theater manager Travis Oates figures it’s a new way to enjoy old shows and says the “more familiar the audience is with the show, the more fun they have.”

He says that’s why test performances featuring Night Court didn’t do as well as, say, Diff’rent Strokes.

It helps if the actors are familiar with the roles too. Oates says some original series stars will appear to skewer their own characters. For instance, Little House On The Prairie cast member Alison Arngrim will soon redub the voice of her “prairie bitch” character Nellie Oleson.

So far, the Reruns Redubbed show is only performing in Los Angeles but Oates says if it’s a hit, it could either go on tour or become a TV series.

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