Monday, March 7, 2005

Computer Engineer Torments Couch Potatoes – And You Can Too!

BULLHEAD CITY, Arizona (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Some inventors create products that better humanity but a man in Bullhead City, Arizona, prefers to torment couch potatoes.

Marc Goldstone has just created a new invention called the “Couch Potato Tormentor” that is designed solely to freak out remote control hogs, computer geeks and tech heads.

The device does its dirty work by blocking the signal from the remote to the TV and causes erratic behavior like preventing the viewer from surfing channels of their choice no matter how madly they press the button.

The Couch Potato Tormentor costs $15 a piece – which Goldstone says is “a small price for torment” – and also works on remote-controlled stereos, DVD players and even wireless computers.

Goldstone figures the Tormentor is a perfect April Fool’s joke and predicts people will get a kick out of preventing friends from watching a sporting event or soap opera but he is still imagining all the potential applications.

For instance, he jokes that he’s considering offering bulk discounts to TV networks who want to use the device to prevent people from watching their competitors’ shows.

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