Friday, February 25, 2005

Guitarist Financing Tour Thanks To R. Kelly Sample

TORONTO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A world music guitarist owes a world of thanks to R. Kelly for stealing his song.

The guitarist – who is known as “Pavlo” – is currently financing a tour of the U.S. and England with the windfall of profits that came when R. Kelly sampled a guitar riff from a song called “Fantasia” and turned it into a hit song called “Fiesta.”

Pavlo heard the R. Kelly tune on the radio and says, at first, “I felt flattered because he’s an incredible songwriter, but then I felt violated.”

Although Pavlo says he would have let R. Kelly use the riff for free if he had only asked, the two musicians came to a legal agreement that gives the guitarist a 25 percent ownership of “Fiesta,” which has resulted in more than $400,000 so far.

Pavlo used his R. Kelly earnings to break in the U.S. and now his first stateside release, Fantasia, is No. 6 on the Billboard New Age charts.

But not everything has worked out for Pavlo. He’s been trying to get the singer to collaborate further but Kelly has yet to respond.

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