Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Oscar Win May Mean Endorsement Win

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Winning an Oscar usually translates into better scripts and bigger salaries for movie stars, but a win could also mean a career as a celebrity pitchperson.

Marketing experts for the entertainment marketing agency, The Pere Partnership, have taken a look at the Best Actor and Best Actress nominees to see who would be good for an endorsement contract if they won an Oscar.

Johnny Depp’s pretty face would make him a trustworthy salesman for designer suits, airlines or insurance, while Leonardo DiCaprio could sell anything he wants.

The firm believes selling things would be bad for veteran actor Clint Eastwood’s image, but Jamie Foxx would be great at selling clothing, sneakers, and electronics whether he wins or loses.

Don Cheadle could go on to endorse education or do public service announcements.

If Kate Winslet took home Best Actress award, she’d best be suited for selling cosmetics, women’s clothing or hair care products. Similarly, Catalina Sandino Moreno would do well hocking jewelry, jeans and Juicy Couture brand clothing.

But not all women would be great salesladies: The experts say Hilary Swank wouldn’t be good for selling anything, and Imelda Staunton’s star power would fade over time.

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