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Keyboards Wage Protest Against iPad

Are old, washed-up computer keyboards jealous of iPads?

Are old, washed-up computer keyboards jealous of iPads?

Thursday, April 8, 2010 16:09 GMT

BOSTON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – With the frenzy over the new Apple iPad, keyboards are getting left in the dust – and they’re pissed.

In a mock news article for, writer Gail Farrelly spotlights a serious struggle happening in the world of technology.

Here’s the scoop: Now that the iPad offers a touchscreen keyboard, traditional computer keyboards are experiencing major job loss and coincidentally suffering from depression.

This has the ol’ clicky-clacky keys up in arms.

Farrelly explains, “It’s a scary thing for keyboards. They look around and see the skills they’ve had for years are not needed anymore. Their skills are being put out to pasture.”

Keyboards are so upset from losing their jobs to the more technically advanced iPad that they’re planning a protest.

Farrelly says they’ll infiltrate the iPad’s system to render its touchscreen useless in hopes of restoring the natural order of things.

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