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Hip-Hop Star Beaten Up For Eating Veggies

Hip-hop's Supa Nova Slom was bullied as a child for eating his vegetables.

Hip-hop's Supa Nova Slom was bullied as a child for eating his vegetables.

Monday, April 5, 2010 9:05 GMT

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Back in 1980s Brooklyn, a kid could get beaten up for bringing a healthy lunch to school.

It happened to Supa Nova Slom, a holistic practitioner known as hip-hop’s “Medicine Man,” who’s penned The Remedy (Wellness Central), a detoxifying health guide out Wednesday (Apr. 7).

Slom was raised a vegetarian, but that lifestyle wasn’t exactly cool in his urban neighborhood.

He was constantly teased by other kids and recalls, “I got beat up for bringing my sprout sandwich and veggies to school.”

Slom fought to stay healthy but a serious addiction to candy as a teen derailed his efforts.

One day, he decided to kick his sugar habit by detoxifying, so he put every green he could find into a gallon of water and drank the potion.

He’s been “clean” and on the green juice ever since.

He’s now on a mission to change health habits in hip-hop culture and mobilize urban youth into an army of “wellness warriors.”

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