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Unbreakable Umbrellas Break Wind

New wind-resistant umbrella

New wind-resistant umbrella

Thursday, March 18, 2010 17:16 GMT

DALLAS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If the wind starts howling, one tough umbrella has you covered.

A strong wind is usually the victor in a battle between Mother Nature and an umbrella, but with Windbrellas, humans and their umbrellas finally stand a chance.

The gust-busting accessories are specially-designed to handle even the strongest winds, and according to spokesperson Devin Kirk, they serve as more of a shield of armor than a regular, old umbrella.

Windbrellas are able to withstand winds of more than 50 mph because they’re made with tougher 190-count nylon. They’re also enforced with sturdier metal rods, and are larger so they provide a greater area of protection.

Kirk says that a Windbrella can mean the difference between life and death should someone get caught in the middle of a severe storm.

Windbrellas can also protect people from robbers, since one rough swing is enough to knock a person out cold.