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IKEA Is Home Away From Home

Monday, February 22, 2010 17:12 GMT

PARIS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It’s easy to confuse IKEA with your home.

The worldwide furnishing store seems to bring out the homebody in people, as seen on

The website showcases the funny things people do while shopping at their local IKEA, like curling up in their display beds, testing out the showers in the mock-up showroom bathrooms, and stuffing their babies inside the wastebaskets IKEA sells.

Creator Renaud Dehareng blames the megastore for bringing out the wacky in its shoppers and making them want to live there.

He says, “Their stores are built like big houses. They want to make people feel comfortable, just like at home.”

The interaction between customers and the furniture they’re considering purchasing seems to be the silliest since many like to give it a test drive.

No matter what weird things they’re up to, Dehareng still thinks people of IKEA are much “classier” than Wal-Mart shoppers.