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Aerosmith Needs Steven Tyler Look-Alike

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 17:22 GMT

COPPELL, Texas (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Aerosmith needs a new singer, preferably someone who looks and sounds exactly like Steven Tyler.

Since firing Tyler from the band, axe man Joe Perry has been searching high and low for a new frontman, and Dave Tapley, who runs the celebrity impersonator company Tapley Entertainment, thinks the band could use a good look-alike.

He says, “It would be interesting if they put an impersonator in the band. They couldn’t pretend it was Steven Tyler though. Eventually it would get out that it’s not him.”

Tribute artists hoping to land the gig would only need a year of physical/voice training so they could “emulate and imitate” Tyler and get down his “every nuance.”

Tapley recommends going for a younger-looking version of Tyler, since the singer is looking worse for wear in his older age.

If all else fails, the band can go with a dude that looks like a lady.