Thursday, January 21, 2010

Andys And Sarahs Skip Work The Most

LONDON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Employees named Andy or Sarah have a serious penchant for playing hooky.

According to a survey by the UK’s Viva Entertainment channel, men named Andy and women named Sarah make up the most excuses to call in sick to work.

Other Brits who routinely fake ailments include those named Steve, Paul, John, Dave, Becky, Anne, Emma, and Debbie.

Their excuses are bizarre, from a worker who was “too drunk to do any work,” to a lady who claimed her dog had swallowed her keys.

Of all desk dodgers, 20 percent blamed their absence on a migrane or the flu, while 30 percent simply pulled a “sickie” because they wanted a day off.

Some text, email, or tweet their bosses their excuses, but of those who call in by phone, 44 percent speak in a quieter, more feeble voice to ensure they’re believed.

Viva encourages all workers to fake sick on Monday (Jan. 25) for “Up Your Sickie Day.”

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