Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Most Annoying Tech Gadget: Car Alarms

MACCLESFIELD, England (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Car alarms are the single most annoying piece of technology ever created.

At least that’s according to a new survey by PhonePiggyBank.com.

Turns out the screeching sirens – which always tend to go off in the middle of the night – are the No. 1 most irritating tech gadget ever made.

Following the car alarm is the dreaded timer that appears on the computer screen as information is loading.

Other irritating banes of people’s lives that are more frustrating than helpful include...

  • Speeding cameras at traffic stops.

  • Automated phone systems.

  • Novelty doorbells.

  • The “bong” sound in Windows when you can’t do something on the computer.

  • “Out Of Office” email replies.

  • Uncomfortable headphones.

  • Alarm clocks.

    Brits get annoyed by technology at least four times a day, with the typical angry rant lasting six minutes.

    Two-thirds hate the fact that they simply can’t live without their infuriating technology.

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