Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bluetooth Users Are Douchebags

PHOENIX (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – No one needs to wear a Bluetooth in church – ever.

Bluetooth users can be such douchebags, as seen on, which shows offensive uses of the earbud phone device in the wrong places.

D-bags are caught wearing or chatting on their Bluetooth at school recitals, on the dance floor at a club, or shopping at the store.

Site creator James Mastercraft says the most blatant bad use of a Bluetooth is at a church, which he’s seen on at least one occasion.

He feels Bluetooth usage should never be encouraged, especially by parents.

Mastercraft gripes, “It’s most offensive when teens have Bluetooths. No teen should be wearing one. Any parent that would buy a Bluetooth for their kid should really re-evaluate what they’re doing.”

The only times he feels Bluetooths are acceptable are while driving to avoid an accident, and “in your home office with the door closed and the blinds shut so no one sees you.”

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