Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lobsters Deserve Quicker Death

BEDFORDSHIRE, England (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A quick zap gives lobsters a more humane death – and produces a more delicious dinner.

To become fancy feasts, lobsters usually suffer a slow and painful death, often being boiled alive.

Inventor Simon Buckhaven felt this method was cruel, so he created the “CrustaStun,” an electronic machine that stuns shellfish with a jolt of electricity, killing them quickly and painlessly.

He says, “I was simply appalled by the idea that you can boil a creature alive. They can feel pain and distress and it takes minutes for them to die. Other animals have to be stunned before killing, so why shouldn’t lobsters?”

Not only does the machine humanely kill lobsters, it also helps bring out their natural taste.

Buckhaven says that when lobsters and other shellfish are boiled or carved alive, they release stress hormones as a result of their pain.

But by zapping them dead in just five seconds, their meat stays tender.

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