Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Doggie Diapers Finally Stay Put

PORTAGE, Ind. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Doggie diapers aren’t very useful if they don’t stay put.

That’s where the STA-ON Pet Diaper Harness comes in, a gadget designed to hold disposable diapers in place on a mutt’s butt.

Dorrie Krenkel created the harness out of necessity when her dog got old and needed a diaper, but the diaper wouldn’t stay on.

Since then, STA-ON has not only been used by older pets, but by puppies who aren’t housebroken, dogs in heat, and pooches who get easily excited and tinkle in the house.

Krenkel’s own dog wears the STA-ON to bed every night, and she assures it’s comfortable for doggies and not at all degrading.

In fact, the harness may actually save a pup’s life.

Krenkel has gotten many letters from people thanking her because their dog’s pee problem was so bad, they were going to put them to sleep before discovering STA-ON.

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