Monday, August 10, 2009

‘Dance’ Winner Hated Dancing

MIAMI (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Ironically, So You Think You Can Dance winner Jeanine Mason used to hate dancing.

Mason, who’s been crowned “America’s Favorite Dancer,” despised dancing as a kid because she wasn’t very good.

She always felt “defeated” at practice and would “come home crying a lot.”

Ever worse, she needed so much work to hone her skills that no teachers were willing to put forth the effort to help her.

Mason dreaded dance practice so much, she’d try anything to play hooky.

She recalls a time when she didn’t want to go to ballet class and pretended to fall asleep in the car.

Mason whined to her mom that she was “so tired” and the scheme worked – almost.

Once safely at home, her mom realized she was faking it and warned her that playing hooky would get her nowhere.

Now, Mason never misses practice.

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