Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Revenge Is Sweet

METZINGEN, Germany (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Whoever said revenge was sweet wasn’t kidding.

The Revenge Shop, a German company, is helping pranksters get back at their friends and enemies by offering dozens of mean items that are sure to leave victims red in the face.

If someone is hoping to get the sweet taste of revenge in a foes’ mouth, the shop offers “Revenge Sweeties,” a packet of candies that look like yummy, sugary treats but actually taste like garlic, chili, fish, and other nasty flavors.

For those who’ve had their heart broken by an evil woman, the shop has the Water Soluble Bikini which disintegrates completely when wet, leaving a lady in nothing but her birthday suit.

They also sell a solution that leaves a bitter taste on anything it’s rubbed on, a bevy of fake bugs to hide in someone’s food, and artificial sperm that when placed anywhere will make a person gag in disgust.

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