Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Name Says A Lot About Villains

CLEVELAND (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It’s all in a name with supervillains.

At least that’s the case with artist Len Peralta’s work, Summer of the Supervillains, part of his Monsters By Mail series.

Peralta draws crazy, kooky monsters and evil doers going solely off the name buyers submit for their original bad guys.

The names are so strange – like Team Stinky Pork, Gluteus Gropus, and Clutching Starfish Lung Tumor – he often has to do Google searches to make sure he knows what he’s drawing.

Someone once made a reference to an Internet phenomenon for their villain name, and when Peralta didn’t get it they “chastised” him for his foolishness.

Figuring out how to turn specific names into characters can be tough, especially because many of the submissions are incredibly long, like one person who wanted a villain named “Molly: Kickass Destructo-Cyborg Thing with a triangular ukelele that shoots beams of love and also fire, it shoots fire.”

However, Peralta says the longer names are usually the funniest.

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