Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Naughty Envelopes ‘HuMAILiate’ Victims

HARTFORD, Conn. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If an embarrassing envelope ends up in your mailbox this April Fools’ Day (Apr. 1), you’ve just been pranked.

That’s the warning from Jason Nocera, creative director of prankplace.com, a novelty company that sells gag gifts like fake vomit, fart machines, and ice cube bugs.

According to Nocera, the hottest novelty item for April Fools’ this year are their “HuMAILiating Prank Envelopes” – realistic-looking envelopes that can be sent in the regular mail.

The envelopes include return addresses and taglines for fake organizations like the “Small Penis Support Group” and the “Compulsive Cross Dressers Club,” and Nocera says they’re a hit amongst pro pranksters.

Other popular tricks for this April Fools’ include any items having to do with money like fake ATM tickets or lotto tickets, which claim that the victim is a “big winner.”

Fake parking tickets are also a good for a laugh because, as Nocero puts it, “From far away they look real, but up close they say really rude, sarcastic stuff.”

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