Thursday, March 26, 2009

Artists Turn Cute Things Into Nightmares

OAKLAND, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Even the cutest things can be horrifying.

That’s the theme being explored by artists at the Johansson Projects gallery in Oakland, California, with their latest exhibit titled Flaming Furbelows.

The show features strange and frightening creatures made from snuggly materials like yarn, socks, mink coats, and stuffed animals, that according to museum curator Kimberly Johansson, “Will make you feel a tad dirty for desiring their tactile charms.”

Among the pieces is a pink, sausage-like coil exploding from the ceiling called “Coochie Boo Hoo” and fur shaped like fungus.

Johansson explains, “The exhibit explores the uneasy encounters between tenderness and terror. The pieces wage battles across landscapes of post-apocalyptic glee and Dr. Seussian wonderment. It’s like an unhinged children’s book dissolving into nightmares.”

Though the weird, otherworldly masterpieces are creepy, Johansson assures the exhibit won’t give kids nightmares, though it may ruin their stuffed animals for them forever.

Flaming Furbelows is on display now.

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