Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Singles Jump Through Hoops For Each Other

TORONTO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Dating is scarier than learning a death-defying circus trick.

So says Sam Gruszecki, rep for meetmarketadventures.com, a company that takes an adventurous approach to dating.

They offer singles chances to meet at fun social events like wine tasting, archery classes, and trips to amusement parks.

Gruszecki says it takes the pressure off dating when singles learn fun activities together like circus acts.

He explains, “We work with circus schools to teach people how to flip on a trapeze and walk on a tight rope.”

In fact, dating and the circus aren’t all that different.

As Gruzsecki puts it, “There’s a lot of showy stuff in both situations. You get all made up like a clown, it takes lots of time and energy, and there are many ups and downs.”

However, he’s not clowning around when he claims that juggling a dating life is “way scarier” than performing circus feats, because as least when you make a mistake in the circus, there’s a net there to catch you.

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