Thursday, November 6, 2008

UFOs Constantly Crash On Earth

BROOMFIELD, Colo. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – It’s not uncommon for UFOs to crash into Earth.

UFO researcher Ryan Wood and other ET enthusiasts are gathering in Las Vegas tomorrow (Nov. 7) through Sunday (Nov. 9) for the UFO Crash Retrieval Conference.

The get-together will showcase evidence that flying saucers not only visit our planet, but often crash into the ground and leave proof of their existence.

Wood says, “There are much more UFO crashes than people realize. The most recent one happened this past May in Needles, California. There were multiple witnesses.”

During the event, Wood will display only what he considers “hard physical evidence,” because even he’s a bit of a skeptic when it comes to some UFO reports.

He explains, “My role isn’t to discredit people, but I avoid discussions of abduction or lights in the sky. There are a lot of wackos, so we focus on good material so the media takes us seriously.”

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