Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Frank Caliendo Has John McCain’s Arms

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Comedian Frank Caliendo closely resembles presidential candidate John McCain, especially in the arms.

Caliendo – who impersonates celebrities and politicians on his sketch-comedy series Frank TV – says it’s easy for him to mimic McCain because of their strong physical resemblance.

He explains, “McCain has these short, little arms that sway back and forth, just like me. Unfortunately, I look like this because of genetics, he looks like that because he was a POW.”

Because the Republican presidential candidate is “big and white,” he’s much easier for Caliendo to impersonate than skinny minnie Barack Obama.

However, Caliendo isn’t impersonating much of either candidate until one of them actually wins the White House.

He doesn’t think the politicians have shown their real characteristics yet, which come out once they’re in office.

He says, “Look at George W. Bush. At first, people didn’t think he had any mannerisms worth mimicking, but oh, how that’s changed!”

New episodes of Frank TV premiere tonight (Oct. 21) on TBS.

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