Thursday, May 8, 2008

That Happened In Washington?

MIAMI (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Americans are clueless about the Capital.

That’s the political point from Les Standiford, author of Washington Burning: How a Frenchman’s Vision of our Nation’s Capital Survived Congress, The Founding Fathers and the Invading British Army (Crown).

Standiford outlines little known facts about the founding of Washington D.C., including the South threatening to secede from the Union in 1790 if the capital was placed in New York or Philadelphia as planned.

And when it comes to the first ever terrorist attack on the States – when British troops burned down nearly every public building in D.C. in 1814 – Americans aren’t as smart as they think.

He says, “People say, ‘Oh yeah, I heard something about that,’ but they don’t really know.”

Standiford details George Washington’s backroom deal with Northern Congressmen to secure D.C. as the location for the Capitol.

He says, “Most Americans don’t realize what a bone of contention it was to even create D.C. If the Capital was in New York, we’d have two nations. It was that serious.”

Washington Burning is out now.

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