Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mother’s Intuition Is Strong And Strange

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Mother’s intuition is a sense that simply can’t be ignored.

So says psychic medium and mother MaryRose Occhino, who’s just penned AWAKENED INSTINCTS: Seven Keys For Enhancing Every Aspect Of Your Life (Atria Books), a book about how to enhance your intuition and energy to tap into your full potential.

Although everyone possesses intuition and “telepathic skills,” to some degree, Occhino says moms are the most intuitive people on Earth.

She says the relationship between a mom and her child is what fuels the mommy sense, which works in the weirdest ways.

Once, her own daughter wanted to drive her car in the rain, but Occhino’s motherly intuition told her it was a bad idea.

Her daughter drove the car anyway and 20 minutes later, she crashed it.

Luckily, Occhino’s daughter was safe, and learned to always listen to her mother.

Says Occhino: “Moms just know when something isn’t right. If kids listened more to them, many things could be avoided. Moms can tune into their children and know exactly what’s going on with them.”

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