Friday, April 11, 2008

Band Doesn’t Want The Fever

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – One psychedelic rock band has a deep fear of the illness they are named after.

Dengue Fever, a band fronted by Cambodian pop star Ch’hom Nimol, chose the name after a friend of the organ player contracted the illness on a trip to Cambodia.

But guitarist Zac Holtzman hopes that’s the closest any of the members get to catching the dangerous disease, which causes fatal hemorhaging among other Malaria-like symptoms.

He says, “Luckily, none of us have caught it. We’re planning on going back to Cambodia, but I don’t want to see the headline: Dengue Fever Gets Dengue Fever.

Holtzman does, however, hope all audiences catch Dengue Fever.

He explains, “I hope people are getting sweaty on the dance floor. We want to turn any place we play into craziness. We played a show in a shanty town in Cambodia, and they were tripping out on us, like ‘Why are these Americans playing our music?’ They went crazy.”

Dengue Fever’s album, Venus on Earth, is out now.

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