Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Silly Holiday Songs Make Christmas Merry

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – If you’re sick of the listening to the same old tired Christmas tunes, try turning up the sound to some sillier holiday alternatives.

If you want a laugh, Weird Al Yankovic’s “Christmas Memories” should do the trick, with lyrics like: Mom would be cooking up a mess of boysenberry and tuna fish burritos for our big Christmas dinner/ And dad would be decorating the Christmas tree with little bits of Spam.

Funnyman Harry Stewart – best known as his comedic, Swedish alter-ego Yogi Yorgersson – relays the stress that comes with Christmas in his song, “I Yust Go Nuts At Christmas,” where he croons: Yust before Christmas dinner, I relax to a point/ Then relatives start swarming all over the yoint/ On Christmas, I hug and kiss my wife’s mother/ The rest of the year, we don’t speak to each other.

Finally, swanky lounge singer Richard Cheese dreams of spending the holidays in Sin City in his song, “Christmas in Las Vegas,” which includes hilarious lyrics like: The Wise Men are rolling sevens/ The elves are doubling down/ Every showgirl and boy, riding a sleigh of joy/ Pulled by eight tiny tigers eating Siegfried and Roy/ Christmas in Las Vegas, what a town!

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