Thursday, November 15, 2007

George W. Bush And Angelina Jolie Are Cold As Ice

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Angelina Jolie and President George W. Bush have more in common than you think – they’re both as cold as ice!, an online independent movie magazine, has just released its annual “Frigid 50” list of Tinseltown’s most un-inspiring, coldest celebs, and Dubya takes the cake for the iciest of all, with Jolie chillin’ right behind him.

Although Jolie spends much of her time adopting babies from Third World countries and practicing philanthropy, she’s being dubbed an ice princess for her “nauseating, shameless self-promotion in the guise of humanitarianism,” which make her a cross between “Mother Teresa and Paris Hilton.

Funnyman Owen Wilson also made the cold cut, and although Film Threat editor-in-chief Mark Bell admits it may be “too soon” after Wilson’s attempted suicide to put him on blast, he says, “We realize something cold is going on with him, deeper than Hollywood.”

Finally, Jennifer Lopez also appears on the brisk bulletin, because according to Bell, J. Lo is like “Kicking a dead horse. All of her movies die at the box office, her career is cold, and no one even knows how she got famous.”

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