Thursday, November 8, 2007

Office Life Gets Dolled Up

SEATTLE (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The dullness of office life has become something to toy with.

Novelty gift company Archie McPhee has come out with a line of toys called The Cubes, which are miniature office cubicles with square-headed corporate figures in them, and marketing manager David Wahl says people can’t help but look for a bit of themselves in the toys.

He says, “People really want cubes that look like them to put on their desks. They can use them to be the boss in their own little office.”

The cubes come in various sets and characters, including a boring office break room, a sensitivity consultant named Eve who gives sexual harassment seminars, and a set of corporate zombie figures that Wahl says have “worked so long in the office drudgery” that they look like the undead.

And even kids can learn a few things from the toy drones.

Wahl says, “The cubes have no pupils, so they literally have a blank stare. It can teach your kids how dull office life is.”

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