Monday, October 29, 2007

Wedding Photos Make You Fat

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The camera adds more than 10 pounds when you’re posing for your wedding photos.

MeMe Roth, president of the National Action Against Obesity, says the minute newlyweds snap those blissful bride and groom pictures on their wedding day, the marital pounds start piling on.

She says, “People starve themselves to look good for their wedding pictures, and it’s not uncommon to put on weight right after. First it’s the freshmen 15, and then the marriage 25. People get too comfortable when they’re married, so naturally, they get fat.”

But lovebirds don’t need to avoid their I do’s to stay slim.

Says Roth, “Just keep a single person’s mentality of always thinking of yourself as ‘on the market’ and continue courting and looking good. Think of your spouse as a lifelong boyfriend or girlfriend you want to keep interested.”

And a bulge binding prenup can ensure your honey stays hot.

Says Roth: “A weight gain prenup is something to consider. It’s like those old Hollywood contracts where if an actor got fat they’d lose their job. All couples must have one.”

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