Friday, August 17, 2007

Body Surfers Try To Catch A Wave

OCEANSIDE, Calif. (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Leave the floaties at home, it’s time for some hardcore body surfing.

The 31st Annual World Bodysurfing Championships are splashing into Oceanside, California, next weekend (Aug. 25-26), with people from as far as Brazil and Australia ready to show off their moves in the water.

Former champion Tim Cassinelli states that unlike other professional water sports like surfing, contestants in this competition have “grass roots” to the sport, which means their families have been body boarding for years and have passed down the tradition over time.

But while body boarding has a family feel to it, Cassinelli says it’s still a hard sport to keep afloat.

According to Cassinelli, body boarders are outnumbered by boogie boarders and surfers 10 to one on the high seas, which means there are less sponsors dishing out cash to pro body boarders.

So while this year’s body boarding winner may not get a huge cash prize, there’s still plenty to win if you have the sea legs for it.

Cassinelli explains, “The winner gets a trophy, some swimming gear, and bragging rights.”

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