Monday, July 30, 2007

It’s 5 PM: Do You Know How Bad Your Car Smells?

DRAPER, Utah (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Leaving a splash of morning coffee in your car all day could have some stinky consequences.

According to a recent study by Utah-based automotive air freshener manufacturer, HandStands, their new “Refresh Your Car” line of air fresheners are hot sellers around 5 PM, the time most employees get off work and into their smelly cars that have been sitting in the heat all day.

HandStands best-selling scent for a fragrant post-work wind down is a cool Cucumber Melon freshener, which is great for covering up the overly-pungent scents of milk or lattes that may have been spilled or left in your car.

But there’s no use crying over spilled milk.

Once you buy a HandStands air freshener for your ride, it lasts anywhere from four to six weeks, depending on the average temperature of air flow in your car.

Another finding in the study concludes that the best-selling air freshener for the weekend is Pina Colada, which may coincide with people wanting to relax and unwind with a sweet scent during their days off.

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