Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hang Up The Tie This Father’s Day

ST. LOUIS (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The traditional necktie gift will land hundreds of kids in the doghouse this Father’s Day (June 17).

That’s the word from Don Schnure, a St. Louis-based man responsible for The Tie Video, a tutorial film for neckwear novices.

While Schnure insists his video on how to tie one on is a great Father’s Day gift, he says an actual tie may not be the best present for pop.

He explains, “The tie is a worthless gift. It says you didn’t care.”

But if you must give your dad a tie, make sure you include the instructional video in the gift bag.

The Tie Video, which can be purchased at, depicts five solid styles of tie tying that can help all generations of gentlemen.

Schnure says, “Many dads don’t know how to tie a tie, or they can only tie a Half-Windsor. But no matter who you are, people treat you differently when you’re dressed up and wearing a nice tie. You can learn to tie one, or wear a clip-on and walk around with a giant ‘L’ for ‘loser’ on your head.”

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