Friday, May 25, 2007

New Reality Show Lets Drunks Speak Their Mind

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Why wait all week to confess at church, when you can pour your heart out at your local nightclub?

The Fox Reality cable channel is currently filming a show called Nightclub Confessions, where drunken partygoers confess their innermost thoughts inside makeshift confession booths that have been installed at various hot spots in Los Angeles.

It sounds as dubious as “drunk dialing,” but spokesman Bob Boden says the confessional is “an equal opportunity employer” and that sober suckers can also say what’s on their mind “as long as they’re fun and interesting.”

Boden wants people to let loose in front of the cameras, but points out that the booth is not a “no-fly zone” and security will intervene if someone passes out or tries to pee in the booth.

Says Boden: “It is the responsibility of the establishment to deal with people in a responsible manner – we just film it.”

So far, the clubby confession booths are only set up in L.A., but Boden hopes to take them on the road and capture people in Middle America getting their drink on as well.

Nightclub Confessions premieres May 30 at, and the network will air a special with the same title on June 30.

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