Monday, May 14, 2007

67-Year-Old Woman Kicks Butt As Hollywood’s Leading Stunt Lady

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Being a senior citizen isn’t stopping Hollywood’s leading stunt lady, Sandy Gimpel, from crashing cars and leaping out of burning buildings, in fact, it’s helping her.

Gimpel – who has taken hits as a stunt double for stars like Helen Hunt, Annie Potts, and Sally Field throughout her 40-year Hollywood stunt career – says at her ripe age of 67, she can still run circles around youngins’ in the biz.

Says Gimpel: “I can do anything 20-year-old stunt doubles can do. I may be a little slower, but I’m still in the fight. I stay in great shape and workout just as hard, so I can stay in the stunt business for many more years.”

But it’s not just her fit five-foot frame that helps Gimpel kick Hollywood butt, it’s her years of true stunt- tastic experience.

She explains, “I’ve done every stunt you can imagine. I’ve fallen down stairs, been in plane crashes, and done tons of fight scenes, which are my favorite. I can do it all!”

Gimpel hopes to motivate other adrenaline junkies and stunt performers with her new exercise video, StuntBlasters Workout, which comes out tomorrow (May 15).

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