Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tequila Expert Begs: ‘Stop The Shooting!’

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A tequila expert wants Americans to stop the shooting, but he’s talking about shot glasses, not guns.

Valdemar Cantu is the brand manager for Tequila Herradura, and he says that even though the United States is the biggest consumer of tequila, they aren’t getting the fullest possible enjoyment from it.

That’s because they chug it down instead of savoring it, and then chase it with lime and salt.

He laments: “If you stick a lime in tequila, you’re destroying the complexity and aroma of it.”

But not all tequila is the same.

Silver, which is aged for 40 days, is the best for margaritas, while “Reprosado,” is aged between two and 11 months and has hints of cinnamon and vanilla.

Finally, “Anejo” is aged between one and two years, and has a syrupy texture like brandy – but with more spice.

But while Cantu admits that “rituals” like lime and salt might be acceptable “if you’re drinking for another purpose” than taste, he insists, “if you want to TASTE tequila, drink it straight.”

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