Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Combining Astrology With Criminology

LONDON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The stars not only affect your love life, they have a hand in what kind of criminal you can be.

According to a new book, Darkside Zodiac At Work (Weiser), folks born under the sign of Aries make great arsonists or henchmen, while those who are Tauruses are good at robbing banks.

On the other hand, author Stella Hyde says Geminis are perfect blackmailers, Cancers excel at kidnapping, Leos have a knack for identity theft, and Virgos are excellent at forging documents.

Libras do a nice job at diamond smuggling, Scorpios are successful drug barons, and Sagittarians can find a lucrative career driving getaway cars.

Capricorns are best at grave robbing or extortion and Aquarians can make their mark in the criminal world by stalking, hacking or being a sniper.

Finally, when it comes to criminal activities, Pisces do best at insurance fraud, charity scams or cooking up crack in their basement.

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