Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It’s Fried Grasshopper Season In Tijuana

TIJUANA (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – The thought of eating fried grasshoppers might bug you, but gourmets in Tijuana, Mexico, are jumping to get their hands on the tasty treats.

That’s according to Sandra Luz Pedregal, a self- proclaimed foodie who runs a travel service called The Adventurous Gourmet, which caters to tastemakers looking for something unusual.

Although many tourists associate T.J. with tacos or burritos, Pedregal says lots of restaurants in Mexico serve exotic vittles like fried grasshoppers, quesadillas with “maguey” worms, cactus salads, and crepes stuffed with corn fungus.

Pedregal’s personal favorite is fried grasshoppers and she likes to wrap them up in tortillas with salsa and guacamole. For a zestier taste, she grinds them up with chili powder and lime to create a special salt to add to other dishes.

And while she thinks the insects are delicious, she suggests first-time grasshopper eaters try swallowing the crunchy bugs with tequila or a cold Corona to make them “go down smoother.”

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