Monday, April 9, 2007

Sun Shining On Moonshine Revival

SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – This is a high-spirited time for America’s moonshiners.

Or so says Matthew B. Rowley, author of Moonshine (Lark), a book that details the history of home distilling, a rich American tradition he says dates back to 1620 when an English gent named George Thorpe made the first corn liquor on U.S. shores.

Since then, moonshine has gotten a bad rap, with detractors claiming it’s dangerous, deadly and undrinkable.

Rowley disagrees, and says the finest examples of moonshine are truly sublime examples of “liquid art.”

He says home distilling also keeps alive other aspects of Americana. For instance, there are certain types of apples and peaches that have fallen into disfavor because they’re not good for eating, or look discolored.

However, he says these same fruits are wonderful for brandy and should be used as such.

Rowley says the current trend towards making beer at home is fueling a moonshine renaissance, and hopes his book helps spur it on – provided, of course, the spirited moonshine makers follow all rules and regulations.

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