Monday, January 8, 2007

Dating Show Contestant Used Her ‘Gaydar’ While Playing The Field

HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Single women in the dating world may find it hard to tell what men are gay, straight, or taken.

But a woman named “Jillina” says she can tell who’s who by simply using her “gaydar.”

She’s the first contestant on Lifetime’s new series Gay, Straight Or Taken?, which requires contestants to go on three dates and figure which person is the one single, straight man out of the bunch.

Although Jillina claims to have highly honed “gaydar” skills, she admits the guys’ clothing styles had her a bit confused as to who was who.

Says Jillina: “ I’ve been exposed to gay men all my life. Most of my best friends are gay so that helped.”

Still, she says the men’s body language and facial expressions during the show were good indicators of who was who.

She says, “I figured the person I got along with best was probably the gay guy” and adds, “I’m a total gay man magnet.”

Gay, Straight Or Taken premieres tonight (Jan. 8).

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