Friday, January 5, 2007

Comedian, Pro-Skater, And Martial Arts Master Team Up For Craziness On Spike TV

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – A comedian, a pro-skater and a martial arts master may not seem like they have much in common – but doing crazy stunts may be their common tie.

At least that’s the case on Spike TV’s new show, Wild World Of Spike, premiering today (Jan. 5).

The show teams up comedian Sam Tripoli, pro-skater Jason Ellis and martial arts expert Kit Cope, who re-enact extreme sports and stunts and add their own twists to the antics.

Some of the unruly stunts include “blindfolded kickboxing” and “testicle weightlifting,” but Ellis insists he didn’t mind the painful stunts.

Says Ellis: “I’m used to breaking bones while skateboarding so I was up for anything.”

However, Ellis admits one stunt on the show called the “Polar Plunge” left him begging for mercy.

Says Ellis: “We were locked in a two degree meat freezer and then jumped into freezing snow water until there was one man left standing. Sam’s eyeballs froze, Kit was shaking and my penis shrunk so much it was frightening.”

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